About Us

About us

I believe that one of the most amazing qualities that you can possess is passion.

It’s our passions that drive us, that helps us create such great things, that make us smile, laugh and often cry. It’s our passions that entwine us, enabling us to share and learn from others. I really don’t know where my passion for payroll and bookkeeping came from, maybe it’s down to the long line of accountants in my family!

Cambridge Payroll was founded in early 2014, I had been working in bookkeeping and payroll for over seven years and decided that I wanted more of a challenge. Well actually I wanted a dog, so thought if I started a ‘business’ I would be able to work from home with my new best-friend ‘Barnaby’ – how wrong I was!

From day one we aimed ourselves at small independent local businesses especially in the hospitality industry as that is my background. I have never wanted Cambridge Payroll to be just another faceless bookkeeping firm, that’s not who we are. We love what we do and want to work with similar people, people that know if you want something from life you have to go out and get it no matter what you may be faced with!

We have so many ideas of where we want to go and how we can improve as a company and would always welcome any feedback good or bad.

The Cambridge Payroll values are


We will never pretend to be something we are not.  We will never pretend to know things we don’t. We will not tell lies.  We will not cheat people.


We will always be polite. We will always want our customers to succeed. We will always look after each other. We will not be rude or impolite.


We will always respect rules and regulations. We will respect our clients and their businesses. We will respect ourselves and our own working conditions.

If that sounds like a company you would like to work with then get in touch, there is more to life than 9 to 5 boundaries and there is more to us than just crunching numbers. If you’ve started your own business and love it on good and bad days then we already love you!

I look forward to doing business with you all someday.

Meet the dream team

Hannah Collier – Founder

Hannah is the founder of Cambridge Payroll and is pretty much work obsessed, she loves what she does and strives to be the best that she can.  Hannah loves to keep fit and has taken part in five marathons and one Ultra Marathon since 2013 however she now concentrates more on Ashtanga Yoga and swimming.  She is also a keen (very) amateur cook and loves to spend her weekends cooking for friends.  Although don’t ever ask to try her “delicious” sugar free chocolate!

Alison Cooke – Bookkeeping Manager

Having joined the company full time in 2015 Alison has a wealth of experience in book-keeping, she expertly manages a varied client portfolio of businesses from a broad range of industries. Alison loves spending her time cooking and experimenting with different ingredients, as well as entertaining her friends and family. She has recently taken up painting and examples of her watercolours can be seen decorating the walls in the office – maybe the next step is exhibiting her own works! Long walks with her best friend  Alfie – who is a three year old spaniel/Labrador cross – are a feature of her weekends.

Svetlana Davis – Payroll Assistant / Bookkeeper

When Svetlana gets home from work she is met by her lovely children and their regular demands!  Although most of Svetlana’s free time has now been taken up by a new addition to the family in the form of a ‘naughty’ beagle called Molly, she stills enjoys running (weather permitted), cooking, reading and catching up with friends over a glass (or two) of wine.