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Automatic Enrolment

If you are an employer then Automatic Enrolment will affect you and your business and is an extra cost that needs to be thought about. We can help with the set-up and running of your pension scheme and promise to make it as smooth and hassle free as possible. These are the points that you really need to start thinking about, or why not just let us think about them for you: 🙂

  • First things first, do you know your Staging Date? If not, you can find it out here
  • Assessing your workforce
  • Communicating clearly to all your employees
  • Communicating clearly to you your employer duties
  • Setting up your software
  • Monthly processing of your pension and pension correspondence

As soon as you know your Staging Date then why not get in contact with us and we can provide a detailed quote. Please remember though that you will need to give yourself and us at least 12 months to get everything in place.

We have provided some useful Automatic Enrolment information on our resources page that may be of interest to you. Ok so it may not actually be of interest but unfortunately you can’t ignore it for too much longer!