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Archive | December, 2017

The tax position on giving Christmas gifts to your best customers

Like in our previous post “Giving gifts to charities or employees. Tax deductible or not?” giving gifts to customers and suppliers falls under the category of “entertainment”, which would mean the cost of the gifts is not tax deductible. However if: the gift is promotional in nature (ie it’s branded with the company logo) and […]

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Giving gifts to charities and employees. Tax deductible or not?

Generally speaking the giving of Christmas gifts to employees falls under the category of “entertainment” and therefore the cost of the gifts wouldn’t be tax deductible. However, there are some exceptions If the gift incorporates a clear advertisement for the business (ie it’s branded with the company logo) then it could be tax deductible, but… […]

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Tax implications of employee Christmas parties

When thinking about tax implications for your business, there are three key considerations when planning a staff Christmas party: is the cost of the party an allowable expense for business tax purposes? does a Christmas party fall under the category of a “benefit” and will my employees be taxed? can I recover VAT on the […]

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